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Wall Building 101

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rockwall22“…taller walls are more stable if…each course of blocks is set back a bit from the row beneath, usually just a fraction of an inch, so that the wall leans uphill against the slope.”**

Leaning…  Leaning  makes for a stable, strong wall; also a stable, strong Christian, I think.

Toward what are you leaning?   Jesus’ arms are open wide and ready to catch you if you fall.

“Lean not on your own understanding…” Proverbs 3:5

sing with me, “Leaning, leaning, leaning on the everlasting arms..” (What a Fellowship, What a Hope Divine)

**Better Homes and Gardens, fall 2006

7_lightning_protection_1w475h35811“Why do lightning bolts tend to strike targets that are high?”  That was a question in my son’s science book today.  The answer? “Lightning always chooses a path of least resistance.  Hmmmmm…. reminds me of the the spiritual storm that rages around us every day.  The devil’s always searching for someone to strike down, the Bible says, and it makes sense he’ll choose the path of least resistance, like a standing-tall proud person (think: Jolly Green Giant stance), over a bent over humble one (think: Jesus Christ in the garden of Gesthemane).  All the more reason to humble ourselves before God — so we don’t get struck by lightning!