Sunflower Faith II

Right click, open in a new window to hear  Give Me Jesus while you read.

DSC_0012Before you read, pray –” Oh, Father, open my heart to hear Your voice — now and all day long.  In Jesus name, amen”

The back of the seed packet read, “Full sun.” 

If I ignored that, my sunflower would grow to be thin and weak.    Too much shade…  In a strong wind? It’s pretty face would splop down into the dirt!  To grow strong sunflowers, I needed full sun.

To grow strong faith, we need full Son.  We need Jesus.  Too much “shade”, and our faith will be thin and weak.

Have you been trying to grow in the dark?  Has your pretty face been smacked down into the dirt by the winds of life?  You need Jesus.DSC_0067

In sunflower fields, all the flowers face east in the morning. 

Their heads are patiently bowed down, waiting for the sun. 

As the sun rises, their faces rise with it.  They look toward the sun all day.  That’s how they grow.

Sing with me:   In the morning, when I rise…in the morning, when I rise.. in the morning when I rise, Give me Jesus.  Give me Jesus!  Give me Jesus!  You can have all this world.  Give me Jesus…

Hebrews 3:1  “…fix your thoughts on Jesus.”  Look toward Him all day.  Follow Him, talk to Him, sing to Him…  “They looked unto Him, and were lightened; and their faces were not ashamed.”  Psalm 34:5


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