Mountain Faith


Before you read, pray…“Father in heaven, please open my ears to hear.  Give me eyes to see.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”

“…Jesus…took Peter, John and James with him and went up onto a mountain to pray.” Luke 9:28

Fasting is a hard discipline for most christians.  I compare it to mountain climbing  — It can seem intimidating at first,  but the view at top is awesome

The reward at the end (whether it’s skipping a meal, or skipping a week of meals) is a better view of God’s power, a better view of His might,  a better view of His love.                                                                         

At the beginning of this year, my church did a 3 week fast.

  Participating in it changed my life. 

In fact, I can’t wait for next year’s fast, because I crave a better view of my life, of my potential, of all the possibilities of all I can do through and for Christ!  And, more than anything, I want to SEE Christ, in all his glory;  to really know Him and hear His voice.

Are you with me?!

Oh, the mountain air; the fresh breeze, the awesome trees, there’s no compare.

So come with me. Begin the climb. It won’t be easy, but the view is fine.”


In the days ahead this week,  I’ll provide some why-fors and how-to’s of fasting to help you take some baby steps, or giant leaps if you want.   So, strap on your hiking boots and prepare to climb…

“You have not come to a mountain…that is burning with fire;to darkness gloom and storm…But you have come to Mount Zion…You have come to God…”  Hebrews 12:18, 23b


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