My Portion, My Cup…

Do you ever feel short, awkward and fat compared to the people around you?  Ability-wise, I mean? I do.  Today, for instance, I was looking at someone else’s blog site. Wow! It had all the bell’s and whistles.  So fancy compared to mine, with moving graphics, colorful sections, music and…and…If I’d had the courage to stay longer, maybe confetti would have shot from the screen!  “Too much!”  I thought.  “I could never do that!  Who’s got the time?!”  But, then I realized, I was trying to drink from somebody else’s cup.

The Bible says the Lord has prepared a table before me — my table with my food to eat, with my own cup to drink from…not someone else’s. **

Have you read “The Hobbit”?  Imagine Bilbo sharing a grand table with tall noble people; kings and queens, ambassadors, elven leaders, and wizards.   He might notice how gracefully they lift their cups to drink and feel clumsy in contrast because he has to hold  his big cup, which is too big for him,  with his two little hands as he sips awkwardly, careful not to spill while the noble creatures about him grasp theirs with one hand, confidentally, taking  large droughts while they laugh and toast one another.

And he might notice their long, noble strides as they take their leave of the table compared to own his short, crude steps. 

Sometimes that’s how I feel…like a hairy hobbit.  Do you feel the same?  BUT, take courage, my fellow shire-mate!  Our cup is filled with a brew that strengthens us as we drink.  The more we drink of His cup, the stronger we become; the more sure of ourselves.  Our strides increase, our stature grows, till we are transformed into one of the noble creatures, and we can hold our cups with one hand and look eye to eye with the great and the tall.

So, drink up!  Your cup will overflow with His wine when you reach it up to Him for filling.   And it will overflow, spill over.  You will do wonderous things, “too much” for you to handle in your own strength.  Maybe even with bells and whistles! [You] can do everything through Him Who gives [you] strength!   Philippians 4:13 

**Psalm 23


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