Grand Anne Bed and Breakfast, Keokuk, IA; Teresa Leach, photographer“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Rest is a good thing.  Repeat after me: “Rest is a good thing.”  So, why do we rob ourselves of it so often?  hmmmmm?

When we sleep, our bodies are not idle.   Rather, they are busy repairing, restoring, renewing, and regenerating.  Did you notice all those re’s?  Re means “again and again…to go back to original condition.”  So, sleeping helps us go back to a condition where we listen more attentively, think more clearly, and respond more quickly.  That is why sleep is REally important for our overall health and well being, and why, without it, we feel REally gross, really cranky, really irritable and really stressed.

12715261_10153235223041721_4794630278822325674_nOf this generation, an expert said, “they are the most “over-caffeinated, over-wired and stressed generation yet.  I think it’s our first generation of true insomniacs.”*

So, here’s some advice on getting a good night’s rest*

1. No caffeine after 3pm.  Why?  Starbucks and sleep don’t mix. And your body needs that much time before bed to get the caffeine out of your system so you can zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

2. Avoid candy, chips, donuts, soda and all the junk food we know and love. Why?Why? Why?! (sorry) sigh. ‘Cause the sugar highs and lows interfere with your bodies ability to rest.

3. Turn off your cell phones, computers, TV’s, ipods, and blah, blah, blah, etc., at least an hour before bed and READ to wind down and get into a sleepy state.

So, get some sleep.  Drawing from the paragraph above, it will help you to “listen more attentively” to God, “think more clearly” about what you hear, and “respond more quickly” to Him.  AND we need Jesus more than we need anything for “our overall health and well-being”, even more than donuts! Really!

Here’s some more advice from the Today Show on sleep if your interested: Dr. Nancy’s Daily Dose


3 thoughts on “Rest

    • Menopause and insomnia go hand in hand. It’s one of 34 symptoms of menopause. 34! But a good way to stabilize hormones is to eat good food. Eggs and bacon for breakfast, not pancakes. Avoiding white flour and sugar. Cutting back on alcohol, and caffeine. Eating a raw carrot every day is supposed to help, too.

      • Yes. I’ve pretty much given up the flour. Do will without sugar then binge lol. Actually have lost 27 lbs since last August. Didn’t know there were 34 symptoms. Good gravy. Lol

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