Special 9-9-09 Edition: Prayers for Iraq

“The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.”  Psalm 9:9 KJV


A child in Iraq.

Happy 9-9-09!  In honor of 9-9-09, and because it’s so close to 9-11, and because we’re STILL at war in Iraq, I say it’s a good time to pray for the people of Iraq.

With me?!  Ok, to set the tone, read this song of lament, written by an ancient Mesopotamian (the location of modern-day Iraq).  It was written thousands of years ago, but could have been written by a heart-broken Iraqi today —

Dead men, not potsherds
littered the way.
In the wide streets
where the crowds once gathered and cheered,
the corpses lay scattered.
In the fields where the dancers once danced
the dead were heaped up in piles…….

This is my house:

where food is not eaten,
where drink is not drunk,
where seats are not sat in,
where beds are not made,
where jars lie empty,
and cups are overturned,
where harps no longer vibrate
and tunes no longer sing.

This is my house:

without a husband,
without a child,
without even

Let’s pray…..I’ll put some facts in bold, followed by a prayer. (All verses are links to full passages on BlueletterBible.org.)

“Oh Father in heaven, thank you for this day, this special day, 9-9-09.  Thank you for putting it on my heart to pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq….”

Iraq is located in Mesopotamia, “the land between the waters”, the waters of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. “As the people there depend on those  waters for life, may they learn to depend on your spirit for eternal life.” (John 3:5)

Adam and Eve gave birth to mankind here in the “cradle of civilization”, “Mmay the Iraqi’s that know you be “fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 9:7) spiritually; “children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.” (John 1:13)

Iraq is part of the “Fertile Crescent”, the ancient “agricultural heartland” out of which rose “the world’s first civilizations”**   “Oh, may the hearts of the Iraqi people be fertile soil for your Word —“As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so [may Your] word [be] that goes out from [Your] mouth [to the people of Iraq]: [May it] not return to [You] empty, [may it rather] accomplish what [You] desire and achieve the purpose for which [You] sent it.” (Isaiah 55:10-11)

playing cards given to soldiers by Defense Department to encourage respect of archaelogical sites of culture of Iraq and its people.

Playing cards issued to soldiers by the defense department to encourage respect of the history in Iraq. The cards identify several rare archaeological sites and artifacts reminding troops “that these areas are not only a part of Iraqi and Afghan cultural history, but also their own.”

Father, thank you for all the ancient history preserved in Iraq’s museums, cemeteries, ancient buildings, and ruins; a beginning point in  history, some of it, for all modern civilizations.  May the soldiers sent to protect the people, also protect and respect their heritage and ours, an important part of fulfilling their mission there.***

And, finally, please protect the moms, dads, grandparents and children of Iraq.  May they have food, water, roads, and homes.  Peace and safety in their streets, In Jesus’ name, amen. 

** Answers.com/fertile crescent

*** “…according to a Training for In-Theatre Cultural Resource Protection fact sheet. “In military operations where winning hearts and minds is a critical component of success, protection of cultural property becomes vital to the success of the mission.”


5 thoughts on “Special 9-9-09 Edition: Prayers for Iraq

  1. I was awed at the 9-9-9 message. As Kim was telling me about it I told her about a paper Anna, homeschooler, had just written that day.

    Her it is it is short.

    An Outrageous Amount of False gods
    (she refused to capitalize gods in the title since they were not the True GOD)

    The most ancient known civilization, started between the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates in a place called Sumer. The Sumerians were known for their ziggurats. Ziggurats are similar to pyramids from Egypt,but have smooth sides, they have stairs ascending up the side. The most colossal ziggurat was in the city of Ur (the town where Abraham from the Bible was from). It had seven layers, each smaller than the one below and towered at about one-hundred and sixty feet tall and covered thirty-thousand square feet. Intriguingly enough, a couch and a table was placed on the top layer, just in case, nanna, the moon god, came to visit. Each ziggurat was dedicated as a type of sacrifice to one of the numerous Sumerian gods. That’s an outrageous amount of phony,false gods.

    Gloris, I would not have been able to tie this in to modern day Iraq if it had not been for your exciting web page! As we wear and display our American Flags today as a memorial——may we truly thank GOD for our blessings and sincerely pray for those who need HIM so. Thanks bunches…………..seems like you are talking to me a wHoLe lot.

    Hugsssssssssssssss, Jeannie

    • Thank you, Jeannie! I agree with Anna, “that’s an outragious amount of phony, false gods.”! I’m glad you are enjoying Gloriadelia and that God is encouraging you through me. I REALLY enjoy putting it all together. God is GRRRRRRREAT! Glo

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