Lessons from Literature: Treasure Island!

“I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart.” 

Psalm 119:32

Now you might be wondering what Pirates have to do with God’s Commandments.  Well, hang on to your boot straps, me matey.  I’ll be showin’ ye! ….

All day he hung around the cove, or upon the cliffs, with a brass telescope...

All day he hung around the cove, or upon the cliffs, with a brass telescope.

At the beginning of Treasure Island, we’re introduced to an “old Sea-Dog”, a run-down buccaneer who pours A LOT of rum down his gullet.  Aye.  An’ if you be a-rememberin’, he spoke right fondly of it, too —

  ” I lived on rum, I tell you.  It’s been meat and drink, and man and wife, to me…”

And he remained faithful to the bottle even though a local doctor warned him, “I have only one thing to say to you, sir, that if you keep on drinking rum, the world will soon be quit of a very dirty scoundrel!”  And it was.  The rum did him in before the end of the second chapter!

Too bad, I say, that he couldn’t have had similar affections for the Bible.  Of course, if he had, young Jim Hawkins would never have found the treasure map he left behind in his sea chest, and there goes the whole story. 

But, suppose the Bible had been what he had “lived on”.  If it had “been meat and drink, man and wife” to him he wouldn’t have been a “filthy, heavy, bleared scarecrow of a pirate…sitting far gone in rum”  And the song of his heart would have been a little more cheery than, ” Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest–Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!” 

If the Bible had been his treasure map, he would have died a rich man.

“…for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her.”  Proverbs 8:11

“if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.”  Proverbs 2:3-5

Pastor James MacDonald wrote: “Every time I do what God wants me to do – I get blessed. Every time I humble myself and ask for forgiveness or reach out in relationship or deny my flesh or give to the Lord’s work or make the choice to serve or open my mouth and speak for God – I get blessed! Every time! Obeying God always makes things better…” **

Wanna live a rich life, matey? Click on the chest for the treasure you seek:



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