Lessons from Literature: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

“Lo! I tell you a mystery.”  1 Corinthians 15:51RSV

Sherlock Holmes loved a mystery, or, should I say, a mystery solved.  With help ( or the lack thereof)  from his crime-solving side-kick, Watson, Holmes solved the most befuddling mysteries with exacting patience.

And no amount of protestations from shifty-eyed suspects could deter the funny-hatted sleuth as he routed out the facts~~ “I interfere whenever and whereever I like…” he stated with calm firmness in “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”

Well, I present to you today a mystery so obvious even fumbly- bumbly Watson could solve it: (clue: click on highlighted words for Bible references.)

Who  loves you more than you love yourself?

Who, although he had commited no crimes of his own, paid the penalty for

 ALL of yours?

Who, although He existed in the form of God…took on the humblest form of a man – a slave,  and became obedient even so far as to die on a cross?

And, because of these crimes of passion, at the very mention of whose  name shall every knee bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord?!

It’s no mystery!  It’s Jesus, the One and Only !!!

Elementary, my dear Watson!

The “Who-Dunnit” Prayer:  Father in heaven, it’s a mystery to me why you love me so.  The sins that drove you to the cross were my own.  Who dunnit?  Me!  But now I’m free.  And who did that?  You!  Thank you!  I can only deduce that You are wonderful!  In Jesus’ name, amen.



One thought on “Lessons from Literature: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

  1. Hi, in regards to your question for clickable images, it’s the same as hyperlinking to a Web address (which it looks like you’ve figured out). You just have to find the specific URL for the image. If you do a google image search, it will take you directly to the URL for images. Then just hyperlink the web address. Hope that makes sense.

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