Good-bye 2009! Hello 2010! Part II


ive me ears to hear  

Make my mind clear. 

Cause my heart to fear;  fear your name.




sh to ashes, dust to dust , for eternity… 




ay the mark I make with the life I live, live beyond me. ~Gloris Young


We should make the most of the time we have on the earth to visit the ones we love.

For all too soon — sooner than we think, there will be no one visit, save an inscribed stone with two dates separated by a dash;

a dash that proves how fleeting is time.


ake up!  Say to yourself, “Wake up!”

What’s truly important?  Whom do you love?  Love them!  Show them!



ime is fleeting. 


 Make the most of your dash.



Oh Father in heaven, I thank you, this day, for my life and  what health I have.  Thank you for the people in my life.  Oh, may I love them just a bit as much as you do. 

 Someone I’ve been meaning to visit, but haven’t taken the time to, is_______________.  Please bless _________.  I am sorry for neglecting this important relationship. 

 Change my heart, Father, to be like yours toward _______, so I can overcome the selfishness that keeps me from giving some of my time to him/her. 

” Give me ears to hear.  Make my mind clear.  Cause my heart to fear Your name.   In Jesus’ name, amen.”

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