“This is the first workday of the first week of the first month of the first year of the next decade!” ~ the radio announced this morning. 

 Lotta firsts in that sentence.  Which reminds me that the Bible says to give “the firstfruits of your produce” to God, which reminds me why my church, and lots of other churches across the country, are fasting for next 3 weeks ~~

“…dedicating the first part of our year to the Lord so that all the rest might be blessed.” (Pastor Cal Rychener)

This is our second year to do this and, fortunately,  I’m not shaking in my boots like I was this time last year, ’cause I know it’s a do-able adventure.  I did it last year and lots of good things came from it, including Gloriadelia.  Who knows what’ll happen this year!

Our pastor suggested we write out our top 3 reasons for fasting.  Here’s mine: 

1. To get closer to God

2. To get closer to God

3. To get CLOSER to GOD!

I’m close to a lot of things a lot of the time that aren’t the best for me, so now’s the time to turn away from those and run like mad to the One who IS the best for me, who WANTS the best for me, and brings out the best IN me.  Wheeeee!!!!!

And you know He’s already running toward me…

and you 🙂

Any little, feeble steps we take toward our Abba Father will be met with open arms.


“I will run the way of Thy commandments for Thou wilt enlarge my heart.” Psalm 119:32

** see side bar for fasting links.


4 thoughts on “Fast!

  1. This is so nice. What an awesome and fun idea! You always are inspirational in your spiritual life as well as with your artwork. Thanks!

    • Thanks for visiting, Theresa. 🙂 I get more out of writing these posts than others do out of reading them, I think. It’s a fun thing to do.

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