Ears to Hear…

©2009 Karen Winters All Rights Reserved

Recently,  a dear family I know (names withheld to protect the innocent 🙂 )  was having a little family devotional. 

 The mother was growing  increasingly frustrated with her bleary-eyed, obviously bored, not-really-listening, teen-age son, when what to her wondering eyes should appear?! 

 The son suddenly brightened, leaped off the couch (was this a halelujah moment?!) and made a mad dash across the room to his computer.  It had apparently made a bleep sound. 

  The now VERY alert young man leaned over the keys, viewing the screen intently to see what message it could possibly have for him.  He was totally and completely tuned into his computer, whereas the mother hadn’t heard a thing.

“The Lord wants us to be tuned into him like that.”, she called to his back from across the room.

“hmmmm…”, the back replied.

“My sheep hear my voice.”, the Bible says.

Oh, may we be attentive little lambs, Father. Totally and completely tuned into your voice.  Bleep.  Bleep.

photo ©Abby Harris

The little lamb’s prayer:

 Oh, Father.  You are the Good Shepherd. (John 10:11). Your lambs hear your kindly voice and come running. (John 10:3) Oh, give this little lamb of yours ears to hear your voice above all the others that might lead her/him astray.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Psalm 23:

Do you have a Shepherd?  Click on the pic below to meet mine.  I know He’d love to be yours.

Annie ©Abby Harris

 Special thanks to Abby Harris for the lovely lamb pictures, and Karen Winters  for the colorful ear! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Ears to Hear…

    • You’re right! They’re both so cute! Thank you, Abby, for letting me use your little lamb, Annie’s, pictures. Hope people click over to visit you from the links. Gloris

  1. aunti, today’s post was lovely! that was really good for me; sometimes i feel like i need a giant neon sign from the LORD, but I must listen even to small things.

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