Haiti, Then and Now…


Nestled in the Carribean…sounds lovely, right?

Well, instead of being known for this:  

a "muha" photo

 Haiti has been known for this…  

"Hunger and Rage!", Jan Sochor, http://www.jansochor.com, used with permission

 I googled “Port au Prince” images  today to show you what it was like in Haiti’s capitol city before the devastating January 12th earthquake.  I was thinking there’d be a BIG difference between Haiti then and now, but I was completely surprised, in my cushioned Midwest American existence, to see that things have been HORRIBLE with a capital H  in Haiti for a LOOOONG time.  Ever since Columbus discovered it in 1492, in fact. 

The original population of Haiti was virtually wiped out by their discoverers and replaced by slaves from Africa.  Though the poor souls were set free long ago, they have suffered  under corrupt leadership and neglect for centuries.  Abject poverty, street orphans, and violent food lines are the norm, earthquake or no.  

Street Orphan. Photo credit: Jan Sochor, http://www.jansochor.com, used with permission

 Conclusion?! Haitians needs our prayers and whatever aid we can send their way…Tomorrow, I’ll discuss the aid part, but first things first–our prayers…

Jesus said in Matthew 25: 45, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.” So, pray with me on behalf of the “least of these”…

“Oh, Maker of Haiti and all her people, You are and You are a rewarder of them that earnestly seek You. (Hebrews 11:6)  We’re earnestly seeking you on behalf of Haiti.

“Send forth Thy light and Thy truth and let them guide the leaders and people of Haiti. (Psalm 43:3)

“Please strengthen the Christians, and others who are really helping, with power through Your Spirit in their inner man/woman. (Ephesians 3:16)

 “Your will be done with Haiti, not the governments, nor foreign powers, nor the voodo high priest’s, but YOURS and YOURS alone!!! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!”

“For their Redeemer is strong…” (Proverbs 3:11)

Do you know the One who made the beautiful Haitian, the talented photographer, and both you and me? Click on the pic below for a quick introduction…


3 thoughts on “Haiti, Then and Now…

  1. Thank you again. It’s good to keep remembering and praying. You’re right, they needed our prayer before the earthquake ever happened. I never paied attention.

    • Don’t you love the pictures, Kim? Jan Sochor does such a nice job. I especially like the baby covered in light spots. Artistically speaking, of course. Emotionally, it’s painful and I just want to scoop that baby up and give him something to eat. 😦

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