Steve “Blu” Mack, soldier in Iraq

Stephen "Blu" Mack in Iraq

  My friend’s son, Stephen,  has recently traded his cozy midwest life for a ticket to Iraq, and his blue jeans for army-issue green. 

And in this note  posted on Facebook, Steve “Blu” Mack, soldier in Iraq,  shows he’s been, like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses before him, meeting with God in the desert.  

 (Steve Mack, far right, above)
” Here’s a really easy question to answer:  When was the last time you read your Bible? … I mean really read it and not just sat down for five minutes and realized you had something else going on and then left, but I mean sat down and just talked to God.   

“That’s something that I have been really blessed with out here in Iraq, is a bunch of down time that I have been able to spend in Gods word and grow closer to Him. That’s the whole point of the Bible isn’t it? …

 “How can a young man keep his way pure by living according to your word. I seek you with all my heart, do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Praise be to you O’Lord, teach me your decrees. With my lips I recount all the laws that come from your mouth. I rejoice in following your statues as one rejoices in great riches.” Psalms 119:9-14.   

”  I love reading the Psalms because it shows a what a real relationship with God can be like. It shows us that God wants so much more of us then just Sunday mornings and a couple nights a week.   He wants our whole lives,  just like in a marriage.  When you get married you don’t say,  “I’ll love you for 5 out 7 days a week.”  If you did,  you wouldn’t be married that long. It’s the same thing with God. God’s calling on us isn’t just a 9-5 job, it’s a life style that we have to commit to.   

“We have to be willing to pick up our own crosses and follow Him. “For if anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Luke 9:23.

Now that means getting into the Word and praying, not just on Sunday mornings, because when Friday rolls around, that daily bread you got on Sunday won’t do you any good. That’s pretty much it, and I’d really like to hear any input anyone has on this or anything else. Thanks and God Bless.” ~Stephen “Blu” Mack

Are you following The Leader?  Click on the pic below to learn how to fall into formation:


5 thoughts on “Steve “Blu” Mack, soldier in Iraq

  1. Kim, you’re so cute, requesting to be his friend on FB. His statuses have been so encouraging lately. We need to be praying for him and our nephew, Sean, that they’ll keep listening to God in the desert. 🙂

  2. As I’ve said before, your blog is so inspirational!

    Also, our young Christian men and women have a huge ministry out there in the desert. Many find God in the desert – war seems to make people more aware of their need for Him!

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