Pour out Your Heart…

Do you know that God is NOT bothered by our laments. He encourages us, in fact, to pour our hearts out to him (1 Peter 5:6) because He cares for us.

And Psalm 62:8 says to pour our hearts out to Him for God is our refuge.

The irony is, sometimes my heart is filled with rage AT God, like when it’s breaking for my children, or when I recently heard of an overwhelmingly horrible thing that happened to someone elses child in the news, or when I keep struggling with the same weaknesses, returning like a dog to its vomit over and over again (That’s from this verse, Proverbs 26:11, in ref. to a fool repeating his folly)

BUT, another irony occurs when I “lament” and pour my heart out to God after times like that; one that supersedes the other, and that is that, in the end, after “all the screaming and yelling dies down”, I feel  closer to Him.

I mean, I’m literally yelling at God, “Why!!!!! WHY???????” If you were in the room you’d definitely be bothered, and yet, he remains by my side, or is, rather, holding me in His lap, because I “feel” his arms tighten around me as He whispers gently in my ear, “I love you. I love you. I love you.”, or whatever it is my soul needs to hear at the time.  ALWAYS.

And you know something else?  If I don’t pour my heart out to God, who can take it, I’ll pour it out in destructive ways to those who can’t, like my husband, my children, those closest to me, maybe even the checkout lady who’s a little slow at the store.

So pour it out to the only one who can pour strength, love, and truth back in.  Pour your heart out to Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Pour out Your Heart…

  1. Wow, Gloris. I love how personal you get at times. Your love for others is so obvious when you’re transparent and vulnerable like that. Love your heart.

    • Thanks for all your lovely comments, Kim. Your comment about my transparency reminded me that God’s love is so obvious for us, too, isn’t it, the way He became soooo vulnerable, dying for us on the cross like He did, letting Himself be stripped and beaten and humiliated in public like that.

      Thanks for visiting, Gloris

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