Without Him the Boat Don’t Float

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I found this poem in  Moonlight on the Amazon , a book about missionary life in Brazil:

Without Him…

The boat don’t float
The goat don’t bleat
The beat don’t rhyme
The time don’t tick

The eye don’t see
The tree don’t grow
The foe don’t flee
The sea don’t roll

The voice don’t sing
The king don’t reign
The rain don’t fall
The ball don’t bounce

The ounce don’t weigh
The day don’t break
The steak don’t grill
The pill don’t help

The hunch don’t pay
The hay don’t pitch
The stitch don’t hold
The cold don’t end

The wound don’t heal
The meal don’t serve
The nerve don’t hold
The bold don’t pray

The house don’t stand
The band don’t laugh
The calf don’t rope
The boat don’t float

The boat won’t float.

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Let’s pray:

Jesus, please be the Captain of my  boat.  I know it won’t float without You at the helm.

May You be first in my heart, first in my thoughts.

Thank you that I can cast all my anxieties on You because You care for me. (1peter 5:7)
Here’s the worries that threaten to sink my faith:
[fill in the blank, take your time.  Don’t forget the little naggy things.  They can tangle up to form quite a block in the river]______________________________________________________________

Thank you that I can trust You with these concerns, no matter how big, or small.  May my  boat float smoothly today.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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