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Wanted: Jesus Christ. Reward: Very great!

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“After this, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision: “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.”  Genesis 1:1

Clear your throat and sing “my Reward” with Paul Baloche.  Words below the video:

I want to hear You say the words to me “well done’
I want to hear You say “good and faithful servant’
I want to hear You say “I’ve prepared a place for you’
Let all the treasures of this world fade away

Jesus, You are my reward
To hear Your voice on that day is all I’m living for
Jesus, You are my reward
To see Your face on that day is all I’m living for

In the twinkling of an eye, we’ll all be changed
We’ll meet you in the sky
We will meet You face to face **

**lyrics from: http://www.allthelyrics.com/lyrics/paul_baloche/my_reward-lyrics-435678.html

Storm Watch…

Well, we’re under a storm watch today, here in the Midwest.

A  warm front from the south will be smacked down by a nasty cold front from the north, right over our heads, creating perfect weather conditions, the weatherman said, for strong winds, heavy rain, and maybe even a tornado or two.

Well, the cooler temps and rain predicted for the rest of the week, have my family packing our bikes back into the garage.

Cold fronts can be real party-poopers for us fair-weather-bikers. 😦


And we certainly don’t want cold fronts building up in our hearts, Christian.  Cold winds of doubt can smack down our faith and blow away any chances of happiness and peace.

Fortunately, we can control our heart conditions by… (drum roll, please)

READING OUR BIBLES! Say it with me —   THE BIBLE IS MY FRIEND!  The B-i-b-l-e, that’s the book for you.  It’s true!

Regular Bible reading (and doing) will keep our hearts warm.

Below is a diagram, from the Navigators ministry, showing how to get a HAND-le on the Bible:

“The Word Hand”.  “Meditate, Memorize, Study, Read, Hear.”

Memorizing the verses on each finger of that hand above might be just the thing to improve your internal weather pattern.  You could trace your hand into your journal to make your own HAND-y diagram. (can you tell I’ve taught a lot of Sunday School?)

(Click on the WORD HAND for a more thorough explanation of the verses from Navigators.org, if you’re interested)

Another cold front stopper and heart warmer is to PRAY.


Stop! Drop! and Pray!

We don’t have to weather our storms alone!

My pastor said, “The storm your going through isn’t the issue.  It’s Who’s going through it with you that matters.” ~Cal Rychener

So, Who’s your storm-buddy? You gotta be prepared…

“When I think I’m goin’ under, part the waters, Lord.

When I feel the waves around me, calm the sea.

When I cry for help, O, hear me, Lord, and hold out your hand!

Touch my life!

Still the raging storm in me.”

I need you every hour...

“The Cold Front Prayer:

“Oh, Father, thank you for loving me.  I need you every hour, every minute, every second.

Thank you for touching my life when I call to you, like the song said above, and stilling the raging storms in me.

Please help me to love Your Word, the Bible.  The B-I-B-L-E — may it be the book for me.

And, Lord, I know there’s so much time wasted I”ve wasted because I didn’t pray, and so many storms in my life that could have been avoided if I’d relied on You in the midst of them.

I am so weak.  Strengthen me inside with power through Your Spirit (Ephesians 3:16) In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

You got a storm buddy?  Click on the pic below to meet mine:

Prayers for the South…

Mississippi Tornado Damage

On April 24th, 2010, just a few days back,  a raging storm system swept across the South killing people and destroying towns; particularly in Mississippi where 50 miles worth of homes, farms, and businesses were completely wiped out.

People dove for their tubs, their closets, their hallways, anywhere sturdy, when they heard the thunderous tornadoes approaching.  In the small town of Yazoo, MI, customers and workers at a local steak house crammed into a walk-in freezer as the restaurant exploded around them.  Fortunately most people along the storm front survived to tell their tales,  and to thank thier God for saving their lives, but 12 precious lives did not.

Click on the pic above for more information, then come on back here to pray for the storm-damaged South.

“Father, this isn’t news to You, but WE NEED YOU!! Not just every hour like in the famous hymn, but every minute, in good weather and bad, and ESPECIALLY in the storms.  We need, need, need you!  Thank you that You are here.

Oh Father, without faith it is impossible to please You, the Bible says. (Hebrews 11:6)  And anyone coming to You must believe that You exist, and that You reward those who earnestly seek You.   I am earnestly seeking You now on behalf of all the people in the southern states who lived or worked in the paths of those tornadoes.  Please help them.

Father, the Bible says that to know You is to have eternal life. (John 17:3)   Please may any of the survivors who don’t know You please come to know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You sent to us.

You are the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort. (2 Corinthians 1:3)  Please comfort those who lost loved ones in the storms, or who lost their houses, or their business, or ALL of the above.

Father, You are love.  (1 John 4:8)  May the survivors all pull together and love one another and help one another in these hard times.  May there be LOTS of stories to tell and testimonies to give about all the good that came out of these storms because You helped them and showed that You were with them in the storm.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!”

Do You know the One who calmed a storm?  You can read about it here.  His name is Jesus.  Click on the pic below to meet Him:

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

Confessions of a Distracted Homemaker/Artist…

eggsOn the way to boil some eggs for lunch this morning, I noticed some towels that needed folding in the dryer… towelsOh, this’ll just take a sec…Then, I noticed the box of Swiffers next to the newly folded towels…I haven’t dusted in ages….On the way back to the kitchen, to boil the eggs, dust-filled swiffer in hand, I noticed my open journal on the counter…Oh, those acorns I’ve been painting could use a few more shades of brownacornsWhat’s my homeschooler doing?  He’s supposed to be doing World History….

distracted homeschooler  aargh..He’s headfirst into Harry Potter!  How do we get so distracted?!  I’m going to whip up some hot chocolate and think about this….

But first, I wanna point out, there’s one thing none of us can afford to get distracted from, and that’s reading our Bibles every day. The Bible isn’t fantasy, like my son’s book.  It’s true and WE NEED IT going through our eyes and into our hearts every day. 

This isn’t just some distracted homemaker/artist from the midwest talkin’ here, either.  An important gentleman from across the ocean in Africa has said pretty much the same thing:

Haile Selassie I (1891-1975)
Haile Selassie I (1891-1975)

Haile Selassie, the emperor of Ethipia from 1930-1974, had this to say about it, as recorded in my son’s “Bible Doctrines” book:

 “Today man sees all his hopes and aspirations crumbling before him.   

 He is perplexed and knows not whither he is drifting.

But he must realize that the Bible is his refuge, and the rallying point for all humanity.  It is here man will find the solution of his present difficulties and guidance for his future aciton, and unless he accepts with clear conscience the Bible and its great message, he cannot hope for salvation.  For my part, I glory in the Bible.” praying_hands_bible

Have you read your Bible today?  Don’t get distracted — READ!!! 

What’s that burning smell???….My hot chocolate!!!!

Believing God

Quick note: I clarified some things in yesterday’s post.  I didn’t make it clear that you were to read Psalms 18 out loud to the Lord.  That’s why I inserted the You’s for His’s, etc.,  in the text. 

Someone said lament is a recurring theme in the psalms, illustrated most frequently by drowning.  You can see that in psalm 18 — “The cords of death entangled me, the torrents of destruction overwhelmed me…” 

Feeling overwhelmed?  Drowning?  Please take the time to pray through Psalm 18 in yesterday’s post.

Ok.  Now for today’s… 7_lightning_protection_1w475h3581Someone asked, “Will we love the Lord only for His stuff?”  His blessings, etc?  Will we still love Him when, like Job, it’s all been stripped away? 

Will we believe then?  — that He is who He says He is….that He can do what He says He can do…That we are who He says we are…that we can do all things through Christ …and that His Word is living and active and working in us?

That’s the list of core beliefs reinforced in this Beth Moore study,   I love on-line studies. You do them when you can in the comfort of my your own home, even in your pajamas if you want! 🙂  And, even though you’ll be meeting people from around the world (through the forums), you don’t have to fuss with your hair — Niiiiiiiice, as my son would say. 🙂

Check it out by clicking on the picture above.  I hope you’ll sign up for it.  Why? Because, the truths of the Bible, and the prayer support and discussions on the  forums will support your faith and help it grow.  Even in the storm….praying_hands_bible

p.s. Have you done this study before?  Please comment on your experience.  AND if anyone would like prayer for a particular struggle, please let me know.  I’d love to pray for you and so would others who read Gloriadelia.