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Kingfisher Faith


Click on the pic for Kingfisher facts on Animal Planet

What does a Kingfisher do?

Catch fish.

and have babies that look and act just like itself.

What’s a Christian supposed to do?

Catch fish.

And have baby Christians that look and act just like Christ =]

Make me a fisher of men, Lord,

a fisher for you, the King.

 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” ~ Matthew 4:19

“Strangers”, an inspiring video

"Strangers", from Igniter Media. Click to see mre videos on their site

I just watched this video by Igniter Media.  I really liked it. 


“Visit Igniter Media to watch more inspiring, funny, challenging videos.  They are the ones who made, “A Social Network Christmas”  that showed up all over Facebook last year, and I posted it here on Gloriadelia.  I REALLY liked that one, too.